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You have determined that you want to be a nurse and are ready to consider nursing school, but how to begin? is here to provide you with the information you need to get started on your nursing school search.

As the number one largest growing occupation in the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that there will be 711,900 new registered nurses positions by 2020, making nursing an in demand healthcare profession. At, you will find information about each level of nursing—from LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing) to RN (Registered Nursing) all the way to the Nursing PhD.

You will learn about new trends in nursing care like consumerism and alternative medicine. You can read inspirational profiles of nurses from many nursing specialties. You can take a peek at your prospective salary range as a nurse and discover unique nursing careers, such as being a traveling nurse, a nurse educator or a legal nurse consultant. You will also learn about how to apply to nursing school, choosing the ideal nursing program for you, earning a nursing degree online, and nursing school test preparation. Start exploring our site to get started on your nursing education today!

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Tips for New Nurses

12 Tips for New Nurses: Surviving Your First Year

During your first year as a nurse, you may often feel like a deer in headlights. Your clinical experiences in nursing school will be fairly limited, so a lot of learning will take place in your first year. There is a ton of information to absorb as a new nurse and it can be overwhelming […]

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Nursing Graduation Gifts

8 Nursing School Graduation Gift Ideas for the New Nurse in Your Life

If you know someone who is graduating from nursing school soon, you might be wondering what would be a good nursing graduation gift to give. Nursing is a rewarding and exciting career, but finishing nursing school is no walk in the park. Celebrate the accomplishments of the new nurse in your life with one of […]

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April Meme of the Month

Why can’t we all just get along? Maybe we can! Check out our featured meme for the month of April. Nursing can sometimes be tough, and we hope we can bring a smile to your day.

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Gift Ideas for Nurses

9 Gift Ideas for Nurses: Giving Back During Nurse Appreciation Week

National Nurses Week is one of the largest healthcare events of the year. Each year, healthcare organizations celebrate the contributions of nurses from May 6 to May 12. Our list of 9 gift ideas for nurses can help you to show your appreciation and give back to the nurses that have touched your life. 1. […]

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Nurses Week Celebration Ideas

7 National Nurses Week Celebration Ideas: Give Nurses the Recognition They Deserve

National Nurses Week is held each year from May 6, which is National Nurses Day, to May 12, which is the birthday of  the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. National Nurses Week is meant to celebrate and honor nurses who work hard every day to support the healing of patients across the country. Whether […]

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