Nursing: Intensive Caregiving

Intensive care unit ICU nurse

Linda chose nursing because she’s always loved heath and science.  “I’m fascinated with how the human body works,” she says. “I was planning on being a physician’s assistant but after working as a nurses aide I realized how much I loved interacting with patients.” After coming to this realization, Linda transfered from pre-med into a BSN program.

The nursing shortage also influenced Linda’s decision.“I love that I can get a job anytime, anywhere. I love that I have a flexible schedule where I make a great wage and can stay home with my kids during the week. I love that nurses can work full time or part time, days or nights~whatever works for their family life.“

A working nurse since 1999, Linda currently works in a large intensive care unit with over eighty beds in a teaching hospital. When asked what she loves most about nursing, Linda replies, “I love how intimate and caring it can be. I love collaborating with the doctors, respiratory therapists, dietitians, and other specialties. My unit truly functions as team and I feel respected. Yes, we decide on treatments together and the physicians write the orders, but often my suggestions are implemented and I have the responsibility to carry out the plan, monitor the results, troubleshoot, and report any problems. At the same time, I explain things to the family, talk about the patient and their lives, hug and comfort them. It is technical, full of machines and monitors, but still human.”

Linda is an RN, and is also BLS and ACLS certified, and is currently studying for her CCRN exam.