7 National Nurses Week Celebration Ideas: Give Nurses the Recognition They Deserve

Nurses Week Celebration Ideas

National Nurses Week is held each year from May 6, which is National Nurses Day, to May 12, which is the birthday of  the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. National Nurses Week is meant to celebrate and honor nurses who work hard every day to support the healing of patients across the country. Whether you are a nurse yourself or work with nurses, below are 7 nurses week celebration ideas that recognize the accomplishments of nurses and thank them for their hard work.

1. Hold a Reception Dinner to Recognize One or More Nurses

Hold a reception, dinner or other special celebration to recognize one or more nurses for their professional achievements, involvement in the community, heroic acts, years of service, and other factors. You can solicit nominations from local medical staff in order to provide nurses with these special nursing recognition awards.

2. Organize a Health Fair

Organize a fun, interactive health fair that pays tribute to nurses while helping the community out. You could conduct free preventive screenings for the community, have exhibits, do demos, and provide information about community CPR, stroke awareness, and more.

3. Have a 7-Day Celebration

Celebrate each day of National Nurses week in a small but meaningful way. For example, on the first day, you can hand out buttons for nurses to wear during the week. On the second day, you could post pictures of each nurse in a public place with a description of their contributions, and so on.

4. Arrange a Spa Retreat

Another idea for a Nurses Week celebration is to give nurses the rest and relaxation they deserve by arranging a spa retreat at your facility. You can set up a quiet, secluded common area where they can receive free chair or table massages and herbal teas to reenergize during their workday.

5. Serve a Breakfast Buffet

Show nurses how much you appreciate them by serving them a delicious breakfast prior to their first shift. Set up a buffet table that includes pastries, coffee, fresh fruit, and more. Give a flower and a gift certificate to every nurse in attendance.

6. Spread the Word About the Value of Nurses

Spread the word in your community about the important role that nurses play in our nation’s healthcare system. For example, you could write an article about the value of nurses and have it published in your local newspaper or a community blog. Another option would be to write and distribute a press release about National Nurses Week and the many contributions of nurses.

7. Host a Fundraiser

Host a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to a local charity that all of the nurses select together. Use the fundraiser event as an opportunity to emphasize the nursing profession and the roles nurses play in the community.

National Nurses Week is a special time of year that celebrates nurses and recognizes the care they provide to patients. Nurses take on a variety of roles and face many challenges on a daily basis. Implement these Nurses Week celebration ideas to recognize nurses’ compassion and commitment to excellence come May 6th.