Nursing Schools in Colorado

Nurses are critical members of Colorado’s healthcare delivery system and there is a high demand for qualified nurses in the Centennial State. Nursing programs in Colorado help maintain the state’s current capacity to deliver healthcare services, as well as meet the future demands of a growing population.

Nursing schools in Colorado award nurse aide certificates and licensed practical nurse (LPN) certificates, as well as degrees from the associate to doctorate level. Students learn how to provide patient-centered care at every level of healthcare, from birth to the end of life. Courses can include study in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, fundamentals of nursing, maternal child nursing, and psychiatric and mental health nursing.

The job opportunities available to graduates of nursing colleges vary depending on education level but may include nurse’s aide, staff nurse, nurse practitioner, licensed practical nurse, nurse researcher, nurse attorney, and clinical nurse specialist. Nurses can be found working in a wide range of settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, health departments, and schools. If you enjoy helping people and are interested in pursuing a hands-on career, consider enrolling at one of CO nursing schools featured below.

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